Liliana Pedroza


(Chihuahua, México, 1976) Licenciada en Letras Españolas por la Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua y Doctora en Filología Hispánica por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, actualmente es miembro del SENALC she is the author of the book of essays Elena, we’re fleeing (Andamos huyendo, Elena), and the short story collections Life elsewhere (Vida en otra parte) Short story State of Chihuahua Literature Award 2008 and What we have left (Aquello que nos resta) Julio Torri National Young Short Story Award 2009.

She has been included in the anthologies Quicksilver seagulls (Gaviotas de azogue), The imprescindible conscience, essays on Carlos Monsivais (La conciencia imprescindible, ensayos sobre Carlos Monsiváis), Our apparent surrender (Nuestra Aparente Rendición and The colors of memory. Chihuahua: rivers of light and ink (Los colores del recuerdo. Chihuahua: ríos de luz y tinta). She has collaborated in magazines in Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Her work was translated into French and Greek.

She has been awarded with the Julio Torri National Young Short Story Award 2009, the State of Chihuahua Literature Award 2008 in short story and with the Honorific Mention in the Agustín Yáñez National Short Story Competition 2007. She received a grant as a young creator from the National Culture and Arts Fund and the David Alfaro Siqueiros State Fund; she was a resident writer in Montréal embraced by l’Union des Écrivaines et des Écrivains Québécois through the FONCA in Mexico. In 2018 she was special guest at the Guadalajara International Book Fair with the program: ¡Al ruedo! Ocho talentos mexicanos. ¡Al ruedo! Ocho talentos mexicanos.