The Imprescindible Conscience

The imprescindible Conscience

Essays on Carlos Monsiváis (La conciencia imprescindible, ensayos sobre Carlos Monsiváis, Tierra Adentro, 2009).


With an extensive knowledge about the life and work of Carlos Monsiváis, with an accurate perspective of his social references and a great power of assembly, Jezreel Salazar compiles and prologues The imprescindible conscience. The texts collected are distributed in four sections, according to their topics and proposals, to address several aspects about this great chronicler and fabulist, spokesperson of the public space and civil society, deconstructor of national identities. Reading his prose from the creative experience of young writers; some perspectives are about the intellectual paths he has traveled; his interests and passions; and some angles about the already iconographic, mythical and polysemial character.

Authors included: Lobsang Castañeda, Mayra Luna, Vicente Alfonso, Marco Antonio Chavarín, Gabriel Wolfson, Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado, José Mariano Leyva, Rafael Toríz, Liliana Pedroza, Oswaldo Zavala, Martha Patricia Reveles, Zazil Collins, Alberto Villarreal, Karla Olvera, Ximena Peredo y Gabriela Valenzuela Navarrete.