Life elsewhere (Vida en otra parte)

Life elsewhere (Vida en otra parte)

State of Chihuahua Literature Award 2008
Short story (Mexico: Ficticia Editorial, 2009)


More than a short story collection, Life elsewhere is a window, a painting now impressionist, now expressionist; the view of the past, the current spell; a chronicle of a trip; a snapshot with characters on the verge of the abyss, of madness, of Sharp nostalgia, of contradictive, evaded, concealed feelings; an image that outlines and deconstructs the pain, vigil, sleep, pleasure, impious emotions. With several literary registers, Liliana Pedroza, one of the new, promising voices from the North of Mexico, creates a work in which reality and fiction are fused, amalgamated, chased, in a game of mirrors in which men and women, whatever their condition, may look reflected.