Elena,we’re fleeing (Andamos huyendo, Elena)

Elena, we’re fleeing (Andamos huyendo, Elena)

Essay (Mexico: Tierra Adentro, 2007)


Elena, we’re fleeing establishes an exploration of the life and literary territory of the great Mexican writer Elena Garro. Pedroza approaches the vicissitudes of a life always on the move, that of a writer that had to live several moments of her life in the United States, Europe and Mexico. Pedroza also reviews a series of authors —Bioy Casares, Carlos Fuentes, Elena Poniatowska—  that have encoded in their fiction strands of Garro’s magnetic and evasive personality. In the core of this book, the writer offers an accurate critical approach to the Garro’s prolific and expressive work: her plays, short story collections and novels. For its pleasant critical approach to the author of Los recuerdos del porvenir, this essay incorporates valuable contributions to the ever more important bibliography around this paradigmatic writer.