Colors of Memory

Colors of Memory. Chihuahua: Rivers of Light and Ink

Chronicle and short story (México: ICM, 2012.)


This book sheds light on our walks around the city. It is luminous from every angle. It talks about how an important group of creators was able to give the city a site for meeting, with places that had been forgotten, whether for daily life or lack of attention. The reader will find various historical sites and monuments that throughout the centuries have whispered legends; spaces of coexistence such as parks and markets, which have been given life by wandering men and women. […]

The colors of memory is the possibility of inhabiting our emblematic places with memory, but also with fiction. Every recovery of cities and fraternal bonds is born from the exclusively human capacity of imagination. A city does not start when the foundations of a building are laid, the streets are set in a drawing, bricks are gathered to build. A city is born when it is imagined.